We Live Experience

 “Breathing Life Into The Community Through The Education Of Performing Arts and Film.” 

 About us

We Live Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit organization offering a state-of-the-art facility in all forms of Dance, Musical, and Technical Arts. We Live! is a place where kids, teens, and adults will experience the arts in a fun fulfilled, positive and relaxing atmosphere. Located in the Arts &   Entertainment District in Granite City IL, We Live will serve the underlying areas of Madison   Counties, St Clair Counties, and Metropolitan area of St Louis, MO. 

We Live Performing Arts Center is designed not only to provide the community with a creative outlet but offer each student, deciding to make performing arts their career goal, the opportunity to develop exceptional technical training and skills to become leaders in the field of dance as choreographers, dancers, and teachers in studios, private and public schools. While offering a professional education, our classes are setup to combine other avenues of live musical arts, providing an innovative contemporary atmosphere to create a collective artistic vibe! 

We Live interfaces the perfect combination of performing arts and tech arts developing professional artistic concept videos and photography not only connecting with the community but providing the local youth and community artist and musician to perform and showcase their work globally through social media platforms and other media networks. 

We Live! Is Live! will host Live band concerts, motivational speakers, poetry slams, dance recitals, community festivals, community fitness events, music workshops, dance workshops, and masterclasses in collaboration with local artists and musicians

 as well as industry musicians and choreographers. 

our moTto:

“Breathing Life into the community with the education of Performance Arts And Film”.


Our Vision 

Our vision is to enrich and empower the family, youth and community's quality of life by providing a supportive and educational environment, inspiring free thinking, creativity and artistic expression.

Our mission

The mission of We Live is to provide an affordable, professional, and a highly effective venue for the community to participate in dance and musical arts in Granite City IL and Metro East surrounding areas.

We Live Performing Arts & Culture Center is a place where children, young people, adults and seniors can meet, engage, combine and learn from other groups of artists who have similar interests. 

Combining Musical Instruments, Dance Choreography, Film Making, Creative Writing, and performances. 

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