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About The
We Live Experience

Our mission

“Breathing life into the community through the education of live performing arts, technology and film production. "

We Live Performing Arts Center is dedicated to empowering, revitalizing, and enriching lives by fostering creativity, self-expression, and wellness,


through dynamic programming and the transformative power of live performing arts, health/nutrition,  media technology, and film production.

our vision

Our vision for We Live Performing Arts Center is to be a premier destination where inspiring artists, educators, and the community can explore diversity, grow, and collaborate through the presentation of various artforms.


We aim to offer a state-of-the-art facility with multiple performance spaces including:

  • Dance Performance Studio

  • Skate Performance Studio

  • Music Performance Studio

  • Media Tech Studio

  • Recording Arts Studio

  • Game Studio (dedicated for virtual gaming)

  • We Live Studio Café 

  • Outside Performance Garden.

All Studios are design to equip the latest technology, set design, camera rigging for film production and virtual program options.  

our goals

Our goal for We Live Performing Arts Center is to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities in the arts that strengthens our community's creative environment.

 Utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative initiatives, we will ignite a positive impact in every artist so they can pursue their passions and reach their full potential.


We welcome Organizations, Corporate Partnerships, and Individuals that believe their philanthropy initiatives align with our mission.  It is also our goal to establish lasting partnerships and connections with organizations

We Live PAC

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