We  Live Music

We Live music programs will surround each student in a dynamic environment to explore and develop their musical talent. Our music program caters to all levels from beginners to advanced.

Our students can choose pathways in, Guitar, Piano, or/and Vocal Training. We will educate on the Theories and Histories, Performance, and Music Education—all within a dynamic liberal arts curriculum that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Whether you are planning to teach, work in a music production industry, embark on a performance career, or enjoy expressing yourself through music, We Live music program is a great place to start.



Acoustic/Electric) lessons focus on:

  • Finger placement

  • Strumming

  • Sight readings

  • Understanding groove and chord placement

  • Chord progressions, finger picking

  • Pentatonic scales

  • Ear Training

  • Reading sheet music.

Students will learn to care for their instrument as well as tuning the guitar.


This course designed to:

  • Teach you how to make your voice sound more powerful

  • How to use vocal technique to expand your range and expression

  • How to become more confident in vocal performances

This course is a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to make the most of their voice.


This course designed to:

  • Learn the basics of music and piano skills

  • Students are taught listening skills

  • Pitch matching

  • Rhythm movement

  • & the appreciation of music